An Introduction to Training Your Rhodesian Ridgeback

Another aspect of building respect for you is by training your dog the Rules of the House. If you dog nips and mouths at you, you will want to hold its mouth closed and firmly tell it no in a firm tone. With more difficult problems, you can place your thumb directly under the tongue, holding the bottom of the jaw with the rest of your fingers. This is a very strange sensation for them, although it doesnt hurt. I have found this method to be the most effective, achieving the quickest results. Do not hit the dog’s mouth, because this could very easily cause it to be hand shy. Along with the Rules of the House is teaching your Rhodesian when it is appropriate to bark, jump on people, and what they can play with. Just remember to use one word commands such as “No” or “Good”.

Once your dog becomes older and has mastered all of your household rules and one word commands, then you can move on to some more intermediate training. This should be done after they are 3 months old. If you move on you will want to work on polite leash walking, the recall command, no barking, and many more commands.

Don’t forget, whether you are training a puppy, or a full grown adult that has not been trained, consistency is key. If you train using the same words, everyone in your house participates in the training as well, and the rewarding is consistent you will have a well-behaved Rhodeisan Ridgeback in no time!