Health Screening

Optional screenings

In addition to the four areas of testing mentioned above, some breeders obtain clearances to show that their dogs are free of heart problems (OFA Cardiac clearance) as well as hearing deficiencies (Brain Auditory Evoked Response, or BAER, test).

Heart abnormalities and deafness are relatively uncommon problems in the Rhodesian Ridgeback, though cases do exist. Breeders who choose to do these tests are indeed going the extra mile for the breed.

Well, there you have it. This should give you a fair indication of what, you as a prospective puppy buyer should be looking for when selecting a Ridgeback breeder from which to get a puppy.  Use it as a guideline and you will know the right questions to ask once you begin the interview process.

Asking the right questions about the health of the breed is a very important part of the process when you begin your hunt for a breeder. However, there are other considerations. You should also read other articles on this site such as, how to find a Ridgeback puppy that meets the proper standard, and selecting the right bloodlines for temperament.